a LEFE point of view


is an up close, personal view of the outdoor spaces I enjoy.

It’s a window into my perspective and appreciation of natural colours, textures and abstract compositions.

With this in mind, I want each piece to be special, so I collaborate with like minds to make sure every print is its own piece of art. Made to order with a unique handcrafted quality and charm.

Connect with nature and see the world from a LEFE point of view.

Cath, founder


About Cath

Cath lives in a leafy seaside village in Melbourne, Australia where the constant evolving seasons and surrounding natural beauty spark her creativity and inspire ideas.

Being a professional graphic designer, Cath combines her love of detail and her passion for exploring wild spaces to create pictorial keystones that enhance the urban environment.

She has always seen the beauty in minutiae and otherwise overlooked delicate natural forms.

Most weeks you’ll find Cath, her husband and two sons who share her love of nature, exploring bush lands and sandy beaches, often with their little Sheltie dog, Isley in tow…


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